Time For Children Promise

Through sales of magnificent timepieces at various charity balls and assisting to stage special fund-raising events ourselves; Since 2006 alone, the founder & designer of Bellagio & Paccioni Watches, MikeyC, has enabled various charities to raise over £380,000!

We have many projects that support the welfare and improvement of lives of children, teenagers and their families throughout the globe, no matter if they are suffering from illness, abandoned, abused or homeless at Bellagio Global, we care!

Please visit http://bellagio-global.com/charity-time-for-children/ for further info.

Our on-going efforts across the UK and Europe, Africa, Thailand, Philippines and parts of the United States, is selfless work we are very passionate about.

“If everyone across the globe could do a small bit to help another human, then the World would be a better place”. MikeyC – Founder & Designer.

Please email us info@bellagio-global.com in the event you require any further information or see http://bellagio-global.com/charity-time-for-children/